Dear friends in Christ,
Kate Schaefer, the daughter of Susan Schaefer, is a member of Mount Tabor and is in her sophomore year at Wagner College located on Staten Island in NYC. In her email below, she invites us to join her as she puts her faith into action, meeting the needs of those most affected by the recent hurricane. -- Pr. David

Hello Everyone!

I hope this email finds you all safe and healthy! As I am sure you know, last week, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the northeast coast and wrecked havoc on hundreds of people's lives, including many within my own community. Wagner College is located in the heart of Staten Island but suffered hardly any damage. A week after I was evacuated I was able to return to my dorm where I once again had heat, electricity, and hot water, but so many people here don't even have a house left to return to.

Some of you may know that I hold a position on my school's Student Government Executive Board as the Vice President of Community Service. Over the summer I had the idea of creating a program called Wagner Cares, where all of the community service programs on campus could come together and interact, instead of being completely separate and isolated. The idea was put on hold until next semester. However, when Hurricane Sandy hit, the Student Body President, Greg Balaes, and I decided that this was just the time to bring out Wagner Cares.

In the past week Wagner Cares has become an organization that is still growing and will continue to grow even after the initial response to Hurricane Sandy is over. The website is now fully functional and from here students, faculty, alumni, and community members can view and sign up for ongoing and upcoming volunteer projects. They can also join our mailing list to receive updates on Wagner Cares progress. People can contact us for specific needs such as restoration projects, displaced housing, or obtaining donated supplies. From the website you can also donate directly to our organization.

Wagner Cares is much more than just a website or an organization, it has infiltrated every department here at Wagner and has truly brought us all together. The amount of students that have given their time to helping the residents of Staten Island are truly touching. These last few days have shown just how dedicated our campus is to our community and how big of an impact we can have.

I ask that you would look at the website and pass the word along to your family and friends. If you are considering donating to Hurricane Sandy victims through the American Red Cross, FEMA, or another organization please also consider Wagner Cares. Lastly, please keep the victims, not just the ones here on Staten Island but in the rest in New York and New Jersey as well, in your prayers.

Take care and God Bless,