Dedicated at Worship on Reformation Sunday

New Reformation Paraments created by Alice Lingen


A special thank you to Alice Lingen for making the beautiful Reformation banner which we dedicated on Reformation Day to the glory of God and in memory of her father, the Rev.Gerhard Oliver Lingen.

The symbol on the banner is known as the "Luther Rose": the white rose represents joy, consolation and peace. Within the rose is the red heart, and within the heart is the cross. With faith in Christ crucified at the center of the human heart, the rose blooms with trust in God's love. Surrounding the rose is a sky-blue field symbolizing joy in the Spirit. And around this field is a golden ring, symbolizing the eternity of God's promise.

Alice shared with the congregation that her inspiration came from the small rural Minnesota church that her father grew up in and also those he served as pastor -- with their beautiful stained glass windows that he loved. Alice designed the banner and lecturn paraments in the style of stained glass.